Heanor Running Club

Rules of Competition

Heanor Running Club is a fully affiliated member of England Athletics who are in turn part of the United Kingdom Athletics (UKA) – the national governing body.

UKA produce a ‘Rules of Competition’ handbook which we must follow and adhere to all the rules set out therein.

The Rules of Competition is a 250+ page book and is available to download from the UKA website at this address:-


The Rules are there for your own protection and cover every athletic subject imaginable.

We – the committee – as elected custodians of Heanor Running Club insist that all Rules of Competition be respected and adhered to in the events we arrange, and the events our members take part in.

If it is believed that a member of HRC has knowingly and or willingly broken these rules, then the club committee will evoke an investigation into the allegation. The investigation could result in a number of outcomes; one of which might be expulsion from the club and a notification being flagged to UKA.