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  • 2016 – Mystery Pub Runs


    In a break from tradition, HRC’s 2016 ‘running to a boozer’ were¬†kept a secret by Rob and the organisers and were therefore anointed “Mystery Pub Runs” ! A minibus was used to deliver the runners (and drinkers !) to a drop-off point around 8 miles away from the end location and two groups of runners […]

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  • 2014 Summer Pub Run Tour

    The infamous Heanor RC Beerhunters Summer Pub Run Tour is due to kick off in 2014 on Friday 16th May and will this year see the return of one of our old favourites – The Dead Poet’s Inn, Holbrook. Last year’s ‘A Bit Of Something For Everyone’ Tour saw five dates on the annual summer […]

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  • 2013 Pub Run News: ‘A Bit Of Something For Everyone’ Tour

    For newbies perhaps unfamiliar with the pub run concept… The tour involves a once-a-month run to a pub somewhere in Derbyshire during the summer. Simple. This year there are five different venues and the idea is that the runs are easy-paced, three groups (numbers permitting) of similar abilitied runners set off from the same location […]

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