6 mile winter handicap – 15th January 2019

The 6 mile winter handicap

There was some good strong running on a chilly January evening during the latest HRC Winter Handicap.
Ran over the usual undulating 6 mile course there were some pretty good times.
First back was Joe Rainsford followed by Jo Potter and Robin Clegg.

Thanks to Ashley Deeming for helping Rob Rainsford with the timekeeping.

33:09 Joe Rainsford
46:23 Jo Potter
37:37 Robin Clegg
47:52 Kerry Queenan
38:19 Carl Hughes
38:55 Stephen Ashmore
39:02 John Andrew Queenan
41:38 Ethan Jacob
41:39 Darran Furness
52:02 Kirsty Hessey
52:12 Alison Sutton
42:25 Lewis John Whiting
43:04 Jack Lawrence
43:45 Ryan Ball
53:51 Susan Pinder
54:51 Alison Blyth
46:01 Zac ZP
56:57 Emma Dawkins
56:58 Kathryn Spendlove
50:35 Mark Spendlove