Bramcote Family Aquathlon


For something a little different, the Wilkins and Lynas  families entered the Bramcote Family Aquathlon.
A 200m swim followed by a 2km run,  Elaine writes:

“The girls and myself decided to take on a slightly different challenge at the weekend. The Bramcote family Aquathlon.

Since the girls used to swim for a swimming club and I swim 3 times a week, we thought this challenge would go down a treat, and we were right.

Emma and Amber decided to be a team of, Emma 200m swim and Amber 2k(ish) run. I didn’t have a partner so had to do all of it on my own, in competition with the girls (obviously I had no chance!!)

As we arrived we saw the Lynas crew which was nice as they were also pairing up to run and swim as teams. The weather was really good to us as the sun came out and it was dry.

Me and Emma got in the pool for our 5pm start, in the same lane. And “Go”, we were off. Emma swimming so fast I could not catch her, 8 lengths later, Emma struggles to get out of the water due to people standing in her way, but she managed eventually, to find that she was the first one out of the pool heading to the transition area where Amber was stood waiting to run.

And off she went with a massive lead. I then was out of the pool, 2nd place, faffed about in transition with some clothing and then set off running chasing Amber down.

I passed Amber on the course as there was a turn around point, she was a long way ahead… The course was fairly flat, apart from the end bit and it turned out to be around 2.3km.

Amber came in 1st place in our allocated slot of 5pm and me 2nd place. The Lynas family were also rapid but had a slot at 5.10pm so we didn’t end up racing together.

We are hoping to do this event again as it was a good taster session of running and swimming combined.”