May Bank Holiday Weekend Round-Up

Well it all started on Sunday morning with the brilliant Livingston Relays.

The Heanor team were out in force to show what the Lions can do. It turned into quite a warm day when the sun came out so the weather was not at all that bad for us. The support from everyone was amazing, as always and the running by all was brilliant. I must say though it felt quite stressful I think for all of us in the pen waiting for your runner to come, not wanting to miss the spot, as that could be vital seconds. We had some brilliant results as posted on Facebook.
Well done all.

The girls and I then took part in the Mickleover 2k and 10k race on Bank holiday Monday. This event has a 2k, a 10k and half marathon (HM is twice round) We didn’t really know what to expect as this is the first time we have done this event. The weather was colder than the Sunday so we were wrapped up a little more.

The 2K followed an out and back route along the Great Northern Railway track. The girls set off with some gusto, diving past the smaller children, trying not to get caught up behind people. Within no time they were on the way back. Amber 8 mins 30 and 1st female and Emma 8 mins 36 and 2nd female. They won a little trophy and some goodies from Huub, which are quite decent. A bath towel and a rucksack! The girls have said that they quite like the run. It was along a nice track, so you can get some speed up.

I took part in the 10k. A little bit chilly to begin with but it warmed up once running. The start was in a different place to the HM start and the 2k but not far down the road. The course was along country roads for the first 5kish. The roads were still open on the right to oncoming traffic (Stay left!). We then came into the Great Northern track around 5k and then spent the rest of the time running down there. It’s actually quite a good PB course as its mainly downhill until the track and then it’s just a slight uphill to the finish. I got a PB 45.57 and vet 35 win (Bottle of Wine my favourite).

Thanks Elaine for sending in these excellent reports from a busy weekend of racing for HRC and the Wilkins Family in particular!
Don’t forget to send in your race reports – anything from Parkrun to Ultras are all welcome!