The power of 10 – the holy bible of the running round

It has come to our attention recently that not all our members are aware of the power of 10 website (where have you been). It is the go too place to find PB’s, race results and stalking your rivals (did I say that out loud?). It works on your UKA number, every race you do that goes on the power of 10 will show up in your profile. (David Denton 5k’s do not get added to this unfortunately).

Anyway here are a few simple instructions to help you understand how to use it and the rest is up to you.

Ok, the website is:  this will bring you to the home page, across the top you will see home, about, rankings etc. The main tabs you will use are the results and athlete tabs. If you click on the results tab, this obviously brings up all race results, you can search distance, date etc etc. You may need this if one of your races has not been added to your UKA number.

The athlete tab (which is my favourite) allows you to search for yourself or any athlete. Across the top it asks for surname, first name and club, but not all are required. Once entered, this is what it brings up.



All this information is automatic apart from the coach section. This is something you can click on and add yourself once you get the hang of it. It is helpful as once you click on Rob you are also able to see all the athletes he coaches and likewise for any other coach.

Below this section are all the races I have ran and the times and placings I received.


The UK rankings (you can see on the first picture) is pulled from runbritain and again is automatically added to you profile. I hope this helps people understand a little more about the power of 10. If you want anymore help please feel free to get in contact with me.

Sam Crowe