Weekend Round-Up: 11th & 12th May

A packed weekend of running for the Lions, covering everything from 200m at the County Championships to a 40 mile Ultra.

Charlie Cotton celebrated his 13th birthday with a trip to Blackpool for the a 10K.
His official Pace maker, Chris takes up the story:

The 13th May 2018, Charlie Cottons 12th Birthday, he decided he wanted to run his first official 10k at the Blackpool Fun Run. He very confidently finished in a time of 55:24, on what was a baking hot day, along the unsheltered and unforgiving promenade.

He then ran the Notts 10k last August and finished in 54:57.

So when asking what he wanted to do on his birthday this year, Blackpool was the answer!!!

So Sunday 12th May was again a very hot day, a start time of 11:00 not being very helpful!!

Charlie wanted to get off to a good start so we jumped into the pens and pushed near to the front. We managed a great start smashing the first 3K at 5 mins/k pace. I had in my head that we were heading for anything sub 55 to get him a PB, so when asked by a fellow runner what time we were looking for, I was a little surprised when Charlie replied “53 minutes”!

We made it to the turnaround point at 5k and although the pace had slowed Charlie was still on course for a PB.

Inevitably the paced continued to slow on the way back in and the very infrequent shade on the way out was now a thing of the past, high fives were given to Millie and Debbie on the way passed as well as Fred Flintstone (way too hot for fancy dress!!!).

We knew from walking up and down the prom in the morning that the 8k marker was right outside the tower so between 7-8 k was a bit of a plod to retain a bit of energy and be ready for the last push, true to form Charlie dug in and pushed on from 8k and with about 400 meters to go he put his head down and really went for it, losing me for a second in the process!! Naively he completely forget about chip timing so when I was telling him to look at the clock, he thought he was running out of time and put a proper sprint finish in.

Official Time 52:26.

I wonder what he’ll want to do for his birthday next year???

Running 40 miles around North Nottinghamshire was Rachael Shelbourn. Here’s her write up (including chickens and sore toes!):

A little trip to the village of Walesby for my race on Saturday. Dukeries 40 which I ran last year and enjoyed so much I just had to return.

The start is in a small sports centre which has everything you need to get ready for the run ahead. Such a well organised event with the most friendliest of volunteers.

What impressed me the most this year was the renowned funny speech from the race organiser Ronnie Statton. Being a brilliant ultra runner himself and suffering a stroke in his 30s early this year made it so much more inspiring. What a guy! If he can pull this event off in true running community style then I can run 40 mile – a walk in the park.

So it went a little like this, 2 week post London, yes too close I believed and a new watch that I had no clue of how to use.

Off I went. I could see the map but no pace or distance. Maybe it’ll beep or something after each mile? It didn’t. So I just kept running on feel. Got to the 16 mile check point feeling pretty good and Carl informed me I was on track for my planned 6 hours. Oh and the best peanut butter and jam sandwiches were there for the taking. I didn’t hang around for a full buffet but had a little natter with the most helpful Marshals who offer to fill your bottles and feed you anything from sweets, crisps to sandwiches and fresh fruit. All vegan so spot on for any dietary needs. The next check point was only 7 mile away so wanted to crack on as new I was in a good position in the female field.

Arrive at check point 2 to the huge applause they gave all the runners and a shout out that I was first female. Short visit as didn’t want to lose position.

Still no info on watch, so nothing to do other than enjoy the beautiful bluebells filled trails. A slightly undulating route but mostly of the prettiest kind with few country roads, fields and parks along the way. I could go on forever about this race. Another well stocked marshalled CP and another first female shout out. Another quick visit as still feeling pretty strong and still totally unaware of how my race time was going.

So long story cut just a little short, 1 mile from the end feet feeling sore and even the free range chickens in the adjacent fields were running faster than I could manage. Pushed on to the finish with the sorest of toes but the best banter and support from the other runners doing the 30mile, all just so encouraging. First female, fourth overall and a ladies course record to boot.

I totally recommend anyone take part in a Hobo Pace event, one of the friendliest around. Oh and I must mention the great T-shirt, post race soup and refreshments, mediocre but personalised medal and awesome winners hip flask

Will be back again next year for sure.

Not quite as far but Paige Roadley tackled the 3000m on the track. Paige writes:

“I entered the 3000m at the Nottinghamshire T&F County Champs purely because it was an event in this year’s club championship. I think when I entered a few months back, I had already psyched myself out of it, believing I wouldn’t do well because I’m ‘not a track runner anymore’ and ‘definitely not a fast middle-distance runner’ in comparison to the standard that would be at the event.

Throughout the week prior to the race, I had almost talked myself out of competing a few times, but the day came and I sucked it up and decided to race – as Joe told me, you can only race who’s there, and what did I have to lose?

Earlier in the week I’d practiced running a 3000m, purely to put my mind at rest so that I knew I was capable of doing it, but seven and a half laps round a track is a different ball game, and it felt way more daunting than it probably should have.

I was very impressed with the weekend. Both Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire put on a very professional, high-quality weekend; the event timings were spot on, organisers and helpers were really helpful, and results were finalised quickly after each event.

For the race itself, I knew beforehand that I couldn’t keep up with the speed of the top Derbyshire athletes, so I told myself to rave sensibly – don’t go off with the leaders, settle in, and just see what happens. The gun went and I found myself tucked in with a young Derbyshire athlete. The start was quick, but not too quick, and I managed to keep focused and control myself. Somehow, I ended up running a mile PB (5:47!). It felt comfortable, so I tried to work harder. On my last lap, I knew I was spent and I’d given my all, so I couldn’t believe it when I found out that not only had I ran 12:20 (which was way higher than my expectations), I was also the Nottinghamshire 3000m Senior Women County Champion!

The weekend exceeded my expectations, and to come away with my first county medal being a gold was such an achievement for me. A few months ago, I never thought I’d be training at the level I am right now, let alone racing and enjoying it. It’s given me a confidence boost, and I actually enjoyed middle-distance track racing (who knew?).

I’d urge more of us to take part in this event next year, track is a daunting prospect but it’s a lot of fun, and a great way to race against different types of athletes and push yourselves.”